Today I will be discussing Doctor Who, the sci-fi classic that started in 1963. The filming is still going on and I, personally think that it is......amazing! I am a slight fan of sci-fi, only Doctor Who though and i recommend it to anyone that has a taste for adventure. Sure the creatures might be a little scary like the 'Silence' and the 'Vashta Nerada' after they eat someone but that doesn't mean all of the creatures are scary and creepy, scary and creepy are 2 different things and when you are debating which creature is which with your friends and then it becomes a very harsh topic. 

T- Time

A- And

R- Relative

D- Dimension

I- In

S- Space

The TARDIS is a very important part of the Doctor WHo because it is his spaceship. Tiny, little thing but "bigger on the inside" as lots of his companions said. The TARDIS looks like a police box from the 1960's because it's Chameleon Curcuit, the piece of tech that surveys the area and makes the TARDIS blend into whatever is normal so no one thinks it more than just a regular item that they see everyday, broke and it was in 1964 that it was destroyed by accident. So from now on the TARDIS, wherever it goes, always looks like a TARDIS. That was for the people that are interested in Doctor Who, watch it, or both!

The Doctor's name is not known, it makes Whovians (Doctor Who fans) imagine of what it could be, unpronounceable by human tongue. Clara (one of the Doctor's traveling companions) knows his name when she accidentily discovers it on the bottom corner of a page in a book. Clara was one of the Doctor's most-loved companions of all time, just like any other companion she craved the adventure, but it turned any companion's world upside down. Trying to keep track of loved ones and the Doctor was hard, their family did not want them to travel, but they kept going anyway beacue the Doctor is just so......what's the word...... excited, brave and most of the time gorgeous, ah what am I kidding, he's gorgeous all the time :). Doctors: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and......12. That big number: 12, what some people don't know, and I am one of the few, is that Clara is......... Nah, I shouldn't tell you guys.If you really want to know, leave a comment or go to my page becasue I will be putting it there, too.

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