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    Doctor Who

    December 23, 2015 by FrostWolf1704

    Today I will be discussing Doctor Who, the sci-fi classic that started in 1963. The filming is still going on and I, personally think that it is......amazing! I am a slight fan of sci-fi, only Doctor Who though and i recommend it to anyone that has a taste for adventure. Sure the creatures might be a little scary like the 'Silence' and the 'Vashta Nerada' after they eat someone but that doesn't mean all of the creatures are scary and creepy, scary and creepy are 2 different things and when you are debating which creature is which with your friends and then it becomes a very harsh topic. 

    T- Time

    A- And

    R- Relative

    D- Dimension

    I- In

    S- Space

    The TARDIS is a very important part of the Doctor WHo because it is his spaceship. Tiny, little thing but …

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