After some time spent just looking at the categories page it's obvious that it needs some serious help.

There are too many user-based categories; Active users, Admin, Female users, Helpers, Inactive users, Layout makers Male users, Quotev Use, Quotev User, Quotev user, Quiz publishers, Users, and Users who don't roleplay.

That's after I already removed some clearly unneeded ones and if I didn't miss any!

But the point of this blog post isn't complaining, it's to get opinions and get a solution to this mess.

I'll show the categories I think should be removed along with the ones I think should be kept as well as why.

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Category Keep or remove Why
Active users Keep It's a useful category if it's kept up to date. Of course that's if.
Admin Remove There doesn't seem to be much point to the category honestly, you can find the site administration page by other means and the wiki's admins can be found easily via the navigation bar.
Female users Keep If a Nonbinary users category is added as well, I think this could be a fairly nice way to sort through the users if need be.
Helpers Remove Why would this category exist? I don't see the point in it as it's not really doing anything. There's already a help category for help pages, so what do we need this user category for?
Inactive users Keep Similar to Active users, it's a useful category. Especially for the user pages that clearly have a lot of love in them but an outdated URL.
Layout makers Remove You can literally just add that on any page using the {{Infobox}} template. I get it won't work for everything, but seriously? I don't think these types of categories are productive.
Male users Keep See Female users
Quotev Use Remove I'm pretty sure this was created via typo.
Quotev User Remove There is no point in this category. Of course you use quotev if you made a page on the wiki.
Quotev user Remove See Quotev User
Quiz publishers Remove See Layout makers
Users Keep It's a recent category and is quite useful, though personally I would only use it for the User:Username pages and make a new category called User pages.
Users who don't roleplay Remove See Layout makers

So, after all that, what do you think?