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    User Page Categories

    March 10, 2017 by FernFTW

    After some time spent just looking at the categories page it's obvious that it needs some serious help.

    There are too many user-based categories; Active users, Admin, Female users, Helpers, Inactive users, Layout makers Male users, Quotev Use, Quotev User, Quotev user, Quiz publishers, Users, and Users who don't roleplay.

    That's after I already removed some clearly unneeded ones and if I didn't miss any!

    But the point of this blog post isn't complaining, it's to get opinions and get a solution to this mess.

    I'll show the categories I think should be removed along with the ones I think should be kept as well as why.

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    Category Keep or remove Why
    Active users Keep It's a useful category if it's kept up to date. Of course that's if.

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  • FernFTW


    January 22, 2017 by FernFTW

    So, I just recently joined this wiki, and it seems nice. A little chaotic and unorganized, but nice. I do have a couple suggestions though that mostly have to do with the style of the wiki and really just stuff admins can do. There's nothing major, just some stuff I think would make it nicer.

    • Change the color scheme of the wiki

    As a suggestion, I think a mix of night mode and regular mode would be quite pleasing to look at.

    • Make a Graphic Wordmark

    I'm not exactly what you would do for Quotev, but there's probably something that can be made, possibly with the old Quotev logo?

    I could of sworn there were other things I thought of earlier, but oh well.

    Thank you for reading!

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