@plushieless+ is a fairly well-known user generally writing in the Young Adult genre. She mainly writes in the romance/realistic category, but her real specialty is the subversion of clichés. She deconstructs or averts tropes commonly found on the site, like a player and a nerdy girl or a 'kidnapped' story.

Stories Edit

Cliché Gone WrongEdit

Liam Woods is your cliche and stereotypical high school jock. He is the most popular guy, gets all the girls, everybody loves him and blah blah blah... Then, there's this oh so original idea of his friends to dare him to date the most unpopular girl in school: Quinn Taylor. With heartthrob looks and lady killer ways, what could possibly go wrong to Liam? Everything.

The Good Girl Is A Bitch!Edit

"She's so innocent." "She's like an angel" "She inspires everyone"

That's what people say about Alexa Scott. One thing I have to say: Fools. They don't know the real Alexa Scott. They are fooled by her sweet, good and innocent facade. Not me though, I know what the REAL Alexa is like. Well, at least I think I know...

How To Be A Bad Girl Edit

Olivia Werneck is a sweet and shy girl who, since childhood, is created only by her overprotective father. She never experienced anything beyond her house's gates, her life is like that fairytale "Rapunzel. What Olivia wishes the most is ,even just for a day, see for herself the world outside without having her father always looking out for her. One day, she finally decides to fulfill this wish, but the outcome isn't the one she expected.

How To Be A Bad Girl AgainEdit

Olivia Werneck's life is like a roller coaster, full of twists and turns and, when least expected, something outrageous happens. Not that it's a problem for her anymore, she learned how to get used to it. She learned how to fend for herself and when to back down. Also, how to do everything her own way. In other words, she became what she would never be: a bad girl, with only one goal in mind: revenge.

On My RadarEdit

I'm a hunter of love He's my next target I won't give up until he's mine He doesn't know, but he's on my radar And my skills never fail