The Quotev Helper is a tumblr ask blog opened on January 8th 2016. It is run by a Quotev vet, who has been on Quotev since 2012, as well as having spent years answering topics on the Help group.

The blog currently allows anonymous asks and asks of any nature in regards to Quotev. Aims of the blog include a place to find mature and impartial help for any technical Quotev issues, as well as promoting Quotev in general through the fostering of a community.

It is the only Quotev tumblr to use Quotev's current official icon, a single silver Q, whereas most other tumblrs are identified by using the earlier icon including the blue bar inside the black box.

The Quotev Helper does not currently provide edits, covers, confessions or any other image-manipulating services.

Database Server Error of 04/03/2016 Edit

During the server error that occurred on the 3rd of April 2016, The Quotev Helper provided assistance and comfort to those made distressed by the sudden crash of the website, as well as keeping the Quotev users on Tumblr up to date on the current situation of the site.