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Age : 16

About Edit

Star is a "Normal girl who spends her entire life in her house watching anime, wrestling and spends hours writing and playing videogames" As she puts it. She is an "amateur" writer with simple ,easy to read, writing skills. She currently has 200+ followers and 8+ published stories. Her most popular work is Romeo and cinderlla with 18,500+ reads and 300+ faves.

Other than sharing love for anime and video games, she is also a very active wrestling fan. She goes to local promotions in her town, admiring the girls and guys who sacrifice there bodies for the sport. Her number one dream is to be a wrestler and make it to a mainstream promotion.

Personality Edit

Star is a very shy and secluded person. She finds most of her friends online and in real life she never really keeps them for long.

Trivia Edit

  • She loves VOCALOID and her favorite is IA. Her favorite song is kagerou dayd
  • Her favorite color is turquoise
  • Her favorite WWE wrestler is Bret hart
  • Her favorite anime is Clannad, It really tore at her heart.
  • She trains at TWA. She has been given training for taking bumps on the mat but because they say she's not old enough for a real match, there simply training her for bumps.
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  • She is convinced Skittles are her drug
  • Star has attended ROH and SHIMMER with a couple of internet friends. (including me) let's just say it was one hell of a night