Hannah, dubbed 'Skitty' or 'Sk', is one of the various Homestuck roleplaying ladies. She's worked hard to obtain her followers and continues to reel them in.

Her URL is @glitterprincess


Skitty is well known for her optimism and love for others. She's a generally caring person and does not give up on others. She can befriend basically anyone, proving this by making friends with some of the most difficult. She gives off a warm presence and generally treats others as she would like to be treated in return. While this is good, she also has her downsides. She is known for being selfless to a fault, and puts others before herself all the time. This includes faking her happiness and causing later breakdowns. Her breakdowns consist of crying most of the time, along with the occasional suicidal threat.


Skitty attaches herself to only those she deems truly trustworthy. During her breakdowns, those seem to be the only people she associates with, closing herself off to the rest of the world. It has been stated that she has a boyfriend, but not much is said regarding him. Her closest friend, and 'Moirail', is a boy by the name of James. She associates with others who aren't usually mentioned other than a young man named Mitch. He is later dubbed Alex. He seldom speaks with her unless she tags him. Even then, conversations appear brief. Their history is romantic, though it appears it's not so anymore.