@rushwing is a current user on Quotev, joined 9th March 2012.

Rushwing is an awesome advocate of the fact that WWYFFs are a valid medium of literary expression, and has written an excellent series based on that genre called The Golden Key, which has garnered quite a close following. Her tumblr page is dedicated to RP and questions about the aforementioned WWYFF. 

She tends to stalk pigeons. She once gave up this alias, during the which time she battled in a fierce and noble conquest, to update first, but alas, her efforts were in vain and she was defeated. To this day, she strives to eventually redeem herself and claim the prize that is rightfully hers. Her birth right, the heirloom of the queen of WWYFFs on Quotev. One day she will reclaim this prize and bury her opponent in the dirt upon which she will dance. Yes. Rushwing.