Quotev is mostly run automatically and the admins rarely interact with anyone. They occasionally make updates to the site, sometimes with years between any major changes. That, and suspending or disabling accounts, are pretty much the only interaction they usually have.

The site began in early 2008 as an app for making quizzes on Facebook and other social networking sites, but moved to its own website after a few years when it became more popular. There has never been any indication that the owners are actually associated with Facebook or any other site, and have never said who the owners are. People have found links to other companies, but those have just been web service providers they use for various things and aren't related to the admins.

There have rarely been messages directly from the admins. Years ago, they posted a few RAs on the home page and also some messages on the sidebar. More recently, they have put some messages in the RA box itself. Most of these messages have been jokes or holiday greetings and such, not related to the website itself.  Starting in 2015, actual issues and other updates have been sometimes appearing in a 'News' box on the Help section though now the news section no longer exists. .