Pattie. Also known as @gavinfree. Ah yes, the girl who started foodnight and in the all so mighty band named $picy. This 15 year old girl with a stunning personality likes this fucking weird ass creature named chanyeol [ANIMAL PLANET VOICE] we watch as the pattie sTALKS IT'S PREY ON THE WEBSITE OF TUMBLR SLOWLY LICKING THE SCREEN AND CRYING OVER THE CHANYEOL.

She is funny and I like how she hates Sakura because Sakura is very annoying. I may know little about her but she is very very very very funny and I hope Chanyeol finds this girl and loves her endlessly so they can do the frick frack and make little Chanyeol patties because hella cute man.

she's super duper rad cool and the best person to talk to if you want to get into kpop, especially exo. also super duper funny  

she writes v v good stories such as sublime which is da bomb diggity and im not just saying that bc im in it //sweats no but seriously please do the do with park chanyeol