The Onii-Chans were a group of 4 boys of Quotev way back when. Kimchi, Teep, Mac, and the other one. And by other one, I mean I don't remember their name because this one was the least active one. They all shared the same account, using different symbols prior to what they said to specify which one they were.

They were fairly known and a lot of female users followed them. They all had fairly distinct personalities. Teep being a rather innocent one, Mac being flirtatious, and Kimchi for being rude.

It was never really said as to why they all had this account. There was a distinct rumor before they got deleted that there was a 5th person running the account, being a "boss" like figure who knew everything about the boys.

The 4 knew each other, and were living in Hawaii. They were friends with a lot of people, but there were 3 girls that they talked to the most. Michelle, Ruby, and a girl that went by "Tea-san". Michelle was shipped with Kimchi, Ruby with Mac, and Tea-san with Teep. There were even stories and edits that were made to support this.

The account had been deleted early 2013 because someone reported the account for Kimchi's rudeness. They shortly after got a tumblr, but soon enough it became inactive.

If anyone has more information on all of them, that'd be great because I feel like I'm the only one who remembers these people.