HaZiStyled (@PandaSwirl), or Levi which he prefers to be called (his real name) is a male singer and artist. He roleplays and has many muses for example, Smoke Maddox and Virgilio Alvarez. Levi's a kind and cheerful person. He also likes to listen to other people's problems so he can help them with the problems.


As stated before, Levi enjoys singing and drawing and/or painting. He also watches various anime series. He likes being around his friends, two of them being Plãyfül Dévîls (@devilstrouble), and ķniğhtš øf hēaŕťs formally known as čůpïđ łøvēřş (@yaoi12).


Levi is kindhearted, sweet, and easy to talk to. He is commonly compared to Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club do to his charming, "Princely", yet childish, and fun personality. He is definitely a person worth talking to