Frøya (A.K.A: Froyo, Annie, Iris) is a sixteen-year-old (almost seventeen-year-old) user on Quotev who originally joined when Quizazz was first created after it was recommended to her from a friend. Since then, she has been contributing and using Quotev, mostly stating her unpopuler opinions and such. She had previous accounts which were unrightfully banned due to one of her unpopular opinions going viral (the most known being "I want Donald Trump to be President). She had offended a few people in debates she has quite a lot, even though she doesn't mean to be.

She used to be popular from her Hell Yeah Nightmares account, as she enjoys horror and scary stories, and allowed people to submit their stories so she can post them and make them popular.

If it's one thing Froyo dislikes, it's posers. She rather listens to heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, Judas Priest, Rob Zombie, White Zombie, etc.

She has been in a chat group for a while now, even on her last account, and will probably never leave the group. Froyo enjoys listening to heavy metal, watching anime, and her favorite YouTuber is Onision (probably because they share similar opinions).

Other than that, she is a regular teenage girl who wishes to get into the Military.

Name: Frøya A.

Age: Sixteen (probably seventeen by the time you're reading this)

DOB: January 13th, 1999

Height: 4'10''

Weight: r00d

Sex: Female

Favorite Color(s): Midnight Blue and Dark Purple

Occupation: Hobbiest Writer, Artist

Location: America, sometimes Norway, Sweden or Denmark

Music Preference: Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Rock, Punk