Secret base ~君がくれたもの~ (10 years after Ver

Secret base ~君がくれたもの~ (10 years after Ver.)

Secret base

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Mei [@senketsu] is a Thirteen year old on the website known as Quotev. She's a super kind and fun, loving teenager who's good at writing, making friends, and various other things. She has an Eren rping account and has many many many friends. She's a Vietnamese // Chinese Mixture and a Zutto Kawaii Mahou Shojo [JK about the Zutto Kawaii Mahou Shojo] But Seriously. Mei is a super kind person and loves to be around people. Her favorite League Character that she has been saving up to get has to be Jinx. She loves to make new friends and is super kind and funny. At the same time she's super dorky like everyone right?


Mei has many interests, they include League of Legends, a Popular MMO game as well as watching anime and reading manga. Mei also likes many various other TV shows. Her cooking skills aren't bad, despite the fact she says so. She loves drawing as well and has many friends which include Rin [@GoodbyeMemories] and Ash [@lizbut]. She is also pretty good at writing and Roleplaying. [Roleplaying is a Popular thing to do on Quotev, especially various anime and manga.] 


Mei has a kind personality and is lovely to be around. She's a super cool person and loves to be around those who are kind to her. She is amazing to be friends with once you get to know her well. She's very very pretty and is kind to those who are kind to her, though if you are a jerkface trying to find another victim you've come to the wrong place. Mei can be very protective and kind to those who are her friends but can be a bulldozer to those who are jerkfaces.