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Ari (@BreakFreeOfReality) is a Quotev user most known for her Roleplay character Yui. Ari has stated that Ari isn't her real name, but rather the name that she prefers to be called. She is Canadian and a teenager of some age, most likely in grade 9 or 10. She has several different types of Roleplay characters and generally roleplays, while posting about her daily life and random thoughts she has.

She has dubbed herself The Demon Queen of Quotev and often runs around screaming about it. And about other things. She's very easily made nervous and is extremely paranoid. 

About Ari Edit

Ari is a teenager from Canada. She's either pansexual or asexual (it seems to change). She's probably in grade 9 or 10, as she complains about High School quite often. Ari claims to deal with anxiety and sometimes panic attacks. Her real name is unknown, but she goes by Ari. She's from Ontario (most likely Toronto). She seems to have a rather dark sense of humor. Her best friend IRL is Shann or @Foreveralonewithfriends.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Ari has posted one picture of herself, showing that she has short brown hair with blue. She has blue eyes and very pale skin. She's of average hieght, according to her, and is curvy. She also complains about achne.  Her personality is constantly changing, in her own words. She seems to be a violent, unhappy, very tired girl sometimes, while being hyper, kind and very spacey the next moment. She's very talkative and loves talking to people, but can be very grumpy and unhappy. It's generally better to leave her alone or let her rant to you if she's in a bad mood. That's the best idea. 

Main RP Stuff Edit

Ari has over 100 different characters, all relating to her Multi-verse that she calls The Normalics Multiverse. This includes the Irreality universe (a joint creation), The Ten Realms, Dreamscape, Alt. Earth, and The Atrium, as well as Los Destras. Her two main characters are Yuzuki Noir, a demi-goddess from The Ten Realms and Yui, a half demon assassin from The Ten Realms. Ari is nearly always RPing, if not an OORP.