Molten, also known by the names Clarence and Jeff, is a fairly popular figure on the website. He is a hobbyist writer and digital artist that was recently confirmed to have social anxiety and Schizotypal personality disorder. Owning a semi-private account, he can be found under the URL of 'thatsthat24'.

Personality Edit

Molten has a very confusing personality, many parts of it clashing with each other. He is a very serious user and seeks nothing less than what meets his interests. Not afraid to speak up, he could be described as outspoken and can say things that many people wouldn't want their parents hearing, not to mention his tendency to snap and use logic to push his point across. On a positive note, he can be a leader and a loyal friend, and on a negative note, he can be considered bossy and cruel.

Extra Notes Edit

He is a transgendered male, which makes him fall into the group of LGBTQ+. Asexual and aromantic, he is single and not currently wanting a relationship due to his previous one being a complete failure.

He has many works of his own, mostly his original characters that are used often in story snippets and roleplays with close friends, but also including his Goretober stories and his editing in the story, 'Change, or the Same?' by Arktic-Rage.

He owns a separate account that is private and not to be found. This is where he keeps certain characters and stories that are not to be shown on the main account yet.

He is a fan of the Slenderverse, Mr. Robot, Undertale, and Until Dawn.

He has close friends that he talks to often on the homepage's feed, the main ones being Grizzly, Lee, and Condesky.

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