ENG SUB Miku - Kagerou Daze Heat-Haze Daze Original

ENG SUB Miku - Kagerou Daze Heat-Haze Daze Original


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Genda [@irlafuroterumi] is a Female Flutist, Artist and Writer. She Roleplays and has various muses for example, Hiyori Asahina and Ene as well, both examples are from a popular anime series known as Kagerou Days. Genda is also known as the "Internet Kano Shuuya" [ Like most people on Quotev know themselves or eachother as "Irl ______" or "The Official _______ of Quotev." ] Genda is a kind and easy-to-get-along-with kinda person. She has various friends and is easy to talk to as well.


Like I mentioned before, Genda is a Flutist, Artist, and Writer. Genda also enjoys watching various anime series. Like many people on Quotev enjoy doing. She enjoys being with her friends, two of them are Gabriella [@Deceivingeyes] and Sabrina [@heartbreaker]. One of Genda's Favorite anime, evitable in her profile is Kagerou days. Kagerou Days is a popular anime that many people on Quotev watch currently and is both an anime and manga. 


Genda is a kind person who is willing to follow people that her friends are following. She is the kind of person who will follow a person as long as they don't piss her off. In which I don't believe they do. Genda is an amazing person in herself and is beautiful in her own way. Genda is a lovely person on Quotev and many people appreciate what she contributes to quotev. She's yet another amazing person on Quotev.